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Fresh Start Food Gardens has received unanimous support of Westford's Board of Health for strict adherence to USDA safety practices and overall support of healthy lifestyles for Westford residents.

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Westford Board of Health's Statement of Support



Are you ready for a fresh start when it comes to real food and a healthier future?


Would you love to have a food garden but lack the time or know-how to get started?


With Fresh Start Food Gardens, you can now order a ready-to-grow raised bed food

garden for your home, business, or school. 



  • come to your home, school or workplace,
  • install rasied beds filled with clean, nutrient-rich soil,
  • plant your choice of garden package(s), and
  • come back throughout the season to maintain the garden for maximum production. 



  • water, pick, eat, and repeat.  


As experienced farmers and local food advocates, our goal is to help local families put more fresh food on their tables.  We believe that by bringing our neighbors not just the produce but the whole garden experience WITHOUT ALL THE WORK, we can make a real and lasting impact on the way they think about food, and in turn, the role it plays in their overall health and well-being.


Call it an old idea for a new generation.  

Call us today to order yours.   


(978) 496-9606